Vedix Ayurvedic Anti-Hairfall Shampoo

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  • Gently cleanses your scalp & makes hair roots stronger
  • Removes dirt, grime, pollution and toxins from your scalp
  • Free from SLES and Parabens

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The Vedix shampoo is a SLS & paraben, free formula that acts as a gentle cleanser to remove build-up & dirt from the scalp. Enriched with Ayurvedic ingredients will leave your hair nourished, silky and hydrated.

With a power packed concentration of intensely effective natural herbs and oils, all 100% natural and known for their ability to grow and replenish hair.


  • Helps maintain the regular pH of the hair
  • Promotes thick and frizz-free hair
  • Prevents hair fall & hair thinning
  • Nourishes hair follicles
  • Boosts hair growth
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How To Use

Shampoo: Apply shampoo to wet hair. Gently massage into a rich lather from scalp to ends. Rinse with water. Repeat if desired.

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"It's very mild, cleans effectively, and doesn't dry out my hair."

Vedix Raveena Gregory, Sydney

I've been using Vedix shampoo for a while now, and it's definitely helped with hair loss caused by hard water damage. Furthermore, after each wash, it leaves my hair silky and lustrous. From the first wash, this shampoo is effective. I'd been losing a lot of hair, and this shampoo has helped me a lot. Keep up the good work!

"It really helped me with my oiliness and hair fall."

Vedix Haniya Long, Perth

The foaming is adequate. After the second wash, I saw a difference in my hair. It's lighter and less sticky. I've tried everything that's available off the shelf as well as what doctors recommend. Either they are ineffectual or they are extremely costly. Vedix shampoo is a one-of-a-kind product. It drastically improved my hair fall problem without burning a hole in my wallet.

"Helped to moisturise and soften my hair"

Vedix Nicolas Mcpherson, Melbourne

Believe me when I say that my hair is really dry and frizzy. I recently used this shampoo and conditioner and was blown away by the results. It left my hair silky smooth, shining, and frizz-free. Without a doubt, go for it. After a few uses, I saw a significant increase in my hair growth and density. What a fantastic product!

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