Get $20 OFF On Your Customized Ayurvedic Hair Care Regimen- World’s No.1 Hair Care Routine To Rescue You From Hair Fall & Thinning

Introducing Vedix's Customized Ayurvedic hair care regimen. 3 products custom made with the ancient secrets of Ayurveda. Filled with the purest, most organic scalp nourishing herbs to help women regrow hair.

What Makes Vedix So Unique?

Most mass-market hair growth solutions are loaded with chemicals. These chemicals pose a threat to hair & scalp health in the long run. Whereas Vedix is a 100% pure ayurvedic regimen.

It has the highest number of hair growth-inducing herbs (40+) in their purest and most organic form.

This is what makes Vedix a truly organic, and holistic hair growth solution like no other. These are some of the many nourishing herbs that make your Vedix regimen effective:

Vedix Step 1

“I Was Really Skeptical About Trying ‘Organic’ Hair Care Products After So Many Failed Results But I Saw A Significant Difference Within Just A Few Weeks!”

Vedix Guarantee

Sonali, 35

I only bought it to increase my hair growth…

After moving to Australia my hair suffered so much and became so thin over the last 2 years. I ordered Vedix to help speed up the hair growth process. I wasn’t really sure it would work..

I used it regularly about 3 times a week..

I used the oil overnight and shampoo the next day, with a few drops of serum in the night. In the first 10 days I could see a slight increase in the volume of my hair. In 1 month, the change was more visible. My colleagues and partner started to notice how thick my hair was!!

It honestly took away all my hair fall stress, my life is simpler now..

I used to use so many hair care products, but all of them were loaded with chemicals. The oil, shampoo, and serum from Vedix are truly one of a kind! Who knew customization could be this accurate! 2-3 times a week with my Vedix regimen is all my hair needs to remain long, strong, and thick. My switch to Vedix is the best thing that’s happened to me.

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How Do I Order?

You can order your products with these simple steps:

  1. Start by clicking on the “Know Your Hair” button anywhere on this page.
  2. Take the Vedix Hair Questionnaire
  3. Get your detailed hair analysis & recommended products
  4. Choose the right plan for you - New Subscriber/ Buy Once
  5. Add your address information
  6. Pay to place your order!

Your products will be home-delivered. Each hair care kit will last you for apx. 30 days

What Products Will I Get?

Every Vedix Customized Hair Care Kit includes 3 products you need for a well-rounded hair care regimen, as specified by your hair analysis. The customized kit contains:

  • Customized Ayurvedic Hair Oil
  • Customized Cleansing Shampoo
  • Customized Hair Regrowth Serum

How Long Will It Take Me To See A Difference In My Hair?

Dr. Zeel Gandhi (Expert Ayurvedic Formulator) of Vedix shares some of the results you’ll begin to see once you start using Vedix regularly.

7 Days - Visible reduction in hair fall while combing or taking a shower

15 Days - Dull hair becomes upto 3X more shinier

20 Days - Decrease in split ends

30 Days - Tiny new hairs begin to sprout on the scalp

To achieve the utmost benefits from the products, it is important to use them as instructed. Following healthy hair habits and avoiding straightening or curling is a must.

Do The Products Have Any Side-Effects?

As the products are customized for your particular hair type, the chances of the products having an adverse-effect is quite rare. Our products use 100% natural ingredients and hence further reduce the risk of any side-effects. However, some people can be allergic to natural products. If any irritation occurs, please discontinue use and get in touch with us.