Ever Wondered Why Indian Women Always Have Long, Strong & Shiny Hair?

The 5000-Year-Old Secret Is Finally Revealed!

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Have you ever noticed an Indian woman’s hair?

It's almost always knee-long, lustrous and silky. And we are about to reveal the reason why almost every Indian woman irrespective of her age, hair concerns or lifestyle is able to achieve long, strong and healthy hair naturally.

[Now Revealed] Oiling With Ayurvedic Formulations Is The Secret To Unlock Long, Strong & Shiny Hair Like Indian Women!

For centuries in India, massaging one’s hair with Ayurvedic herbal oils has been a daily ritual.

The regular pre-wash hair oiling and massaging helps to moisturize hair strands and improves circulation in the scalp so that hair health is addressed at the roots. This ritual helps improve hair health over time, revealing long, strong and shiny hair!

In ancient times, women made these oil concoctions at home with the herbs they collected themselves. This made sure that the purity of herbs remained intact and made the oil very potent.

But, don’t worry, we have something just as pure and potent like these ancient formulations, and they’re customised just for you!

Now, You Too Can Reap The Benefits Of This Ancient Secret In Just A Click, With Vedix

Vedix Customized Ayurveda is the world's No.1 Customized Ayurveda brand. Our products are personalized to your hair and scalp needs, formulated with hand-picked herbs and natural ingredients.

Vedix does something no other hair care does:

With the power of Ayurveda, Vedix works to understand your Doshas with the help of a quiz.

Doshas signify an imbalance in the 5 elements that make up the body: Air, Water, Fire, Earth, & Space. Every ayurvedic herb in your customised kit works to rectify the dosha effects on the hair. No other brand does this.

How Vedix Solves The Hair Care Problem

Stop looking anywhere else for a hair fall solution. Vedix is everything your hair has been looking for! It's time to give your hair the customized attention it deserves. Take the hair quiz to get started!

Put an end to hair fall & bring home Vedix Customized Ayurveda!

Take The Hair Quiz

For long-term results, it's necessary to use the right hair products that suit your scalp and hair type perfectly.

01/ Take The Vedix Dosha Quiz

Answer simple questions about your hair, body, lifestyle, preferences and such to help us assess your Unique Dosha Profile*

02/ Get Your Detailed Dosha Analysis

We analyze your Doshas and their elevated states, and recommend the right herbs to address them and your hair issues.

03/ Order Your Customized Ayurvedic Hair Care

Get your 3 customized Ayurvedic products made for your hair needs and get long, strong and shiny hair!

World’s Safest Ayurvedic Hair Care - Free From Harmful Chemicals, SLS, SLES, Parabens, Sulfates & Synthetic Oils

Vedix isn’t just the world’s first customized Ayurvedic hair care regimen, it is also one of the safest hair care solutions in the world.


Paraben and Sulfate Free


Against Animal Testing


100% Natural Ingredients



Vedix Ayurvedic formulations have been passed down through generations of traditional formulators who have perfected them over 5000 years. They have then been tested, trusted, and used by millions of Indians.

What Makes Vedix The Safest Choice?

  • Ingredients sourced only from Government-registered herbal suppliers
  • Double-QC’ed at our facilities before going for production
  • Manufactured with expert Ayurvedic formulators at world-class GMP-certified facilities

Additionally, Vedix is Certified by the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India, as an authentic and safe Ayurvedic product. The Ministry of AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani & Homoeopathy) is the highest authority for assessing and certifying Ayurvedic products in India (and the world).

Rest assured, you can confidently try Vedix. We are sure you will feel a positive, lasting and visible difference in the way your hair looks and feels.

Will Vedix Help You? It’s Easy To Try It Yourself At No Risk Whatsoever With Our 100% No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

For any reason, if your customized products don't meet your expectations, within 30 days, Vedix will give you 100% of your money back.

No Questions Asked.

Simply get in touch with us at support@au.vedix.com.

If you have other questions, please call right now (yes, right now!) and we'll clarify them for you.

So what are you waiting for? Try Vedix Risk Free Today!

[FREE Benefits Worth $25 - Only Till May 31st] Get Your Customized Vedix Prakriti Guide & An Exquisitely Hand-Made Ayurvedic Massaging Neem Wooden Comb!

Vedix Prakriti Guide

Your Vedix regimen includes a customized diet and dosha balancing guide book called the "Vedix Prakriti Guide". The guide is carefully designed by Ayurvedic doctors and dieticians according to your dosha.

  • Gives you a detailed understanding of ayurvedic doshas that are the main cause behind hair fall, thinning and hair damage
  • Has home remedies to fight hair fall and other issues + tips to increase hair growth
  • Lists diet & exercise recommendations for optimum lifestyle and well-being
Vedix Handmade Comb

It also includes a hand-made, vintage, Neem wooden comb that is authentically made to prescribed Ayurvedic specifications.

  • With the power of neem, it has natural healing properties and helps untangle your hair without damaging it.
  • It also massages your scalp (to improve blood circulation) with its blunt, thick wooden bristles.
  • The comb can be used after oiling (before washing) and as a styling tool after washing your hair.

Note: This Is A Limited Period Offer Valid Only Till May 31st, 2024.

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