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Vedix Regimen With Freebies

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3 Step Hair Care Kit

(Oil, Shampoo & Serum)

Vedix Is World’s Most Awarded Customized Ayurvedic Hair Care Brand

cosmo Cosmopolitan Award: Best Breakthrough Product
vedix Entrepreneur Award: Best Ayurvedic Startup Of The Year
vedix Economic Times Award : Best Customised Ayurvedic Brand

New Products Usually Increase My Hair Fall

Charlie, 31

Librarian, Melbourne


“That’s why I wasn’t sure about changing it again. But Vedix had a lot of ads with big claims so I had to try it”

Who knew Ayurveda would actually work!

“I did not know anything about Ayurveda but the products were really good. They were made with natural ingredients so it did not increase my hair fall”

My hair started getting thicker

“I was just looking for a product to decrease my hair fall but Vedix even improved my hair thickness and volume. The products are really good for hair loss!”

I Didn’t Believe In Ayurveda At All

Shanaya, 29

Marketing Consultant, Brisbane


“I heard about Ayurveda while I was going to Yoga class but I didn’t actually believe it was that powerful and stuff.”

It's not until I saw the reviews that I discovered the truth

“Vedix products were really very highly rated in the market. The response on Instagram and Youtube was so good, I decided to try the products out.”

My hair has never ever been this long, silky and shiny.

“What Vedix did to my hair cannot be described in words. My hair feels so much stronger and longer, it's a total delight and worth every penny!”

My Comb Is The Proof That Products Don’t Work. Maybe Vedix Is No Different?!

Sonia, 38

Writer, Canberra


“Every time I comb my hair I think of changing my shampoo, but I never thought I would switch to Vedix. The products didn’t look like they were worth that much investment”

Vedix worked, and it is worth every dollar I spent on it

“The first day of using Vedix I felt exhausted. There were 3 products and it required a lot of time and effort. But when I started seeing the results, it was all worth it.”

My friends compliment me all the time!

“When my hair used to be dry and damaged, so many friends would recommend products and home remedies. Today the same friends compliment me and tell me I have the best hair in the group!”

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